Ask a doubtful person who’s about to enter into something for which they have doubt, and you’ll often hear variations on the following:

‘I’m just not that kind of person.’

‘I don’t know whether I have the self-belief necessary to do this.’

‘Do you think I’m ready to just step in like this?’

‘I have personality issues that make me uniquely incapable of doing well at this.’

On and on.

Wow, aren’t we creative at finding excuses in the face of things that scare us? Notice how every reason is self-conscious.

We make it about us. We do everything but the thing we most need whenever taking on a new venture: focus on the venture.

I have found my doubt dissipates quickly when I forget myself and focus on creating a system that inspires action.

That system need only be as simple as deciding on my next single and SIMPLE step. Now we’re moving.

Now it’s no longer personal, and we’re doing something while Nathan picks his nose in self-doubt.

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