(Natural News) The advent of social media has become the bane of modern society, as it has created a world that literally does not exist, for the most part.

Gone are the days of “MySpace” and the early years of Facebook, when users simply posted status updates, photos from places they visited, recipes, and other things to keep in touch with family and friends.

Today’s version of social media exists to foist lies, propaganda, and false narratives on tens of millions of people by the minute, used by government and some in the private sector for non-stop psychological warfare, as Twitter boss Elon Musk has recently revealed with his dumps of “Twitter Files.”

Now, we learn that Twitter was used to spread massive lies about the COVID-19 pandemic in order to scare the public into complying with one tyrannical mandate after another.

As Revolver News reports, a pair of ‘E.R. doctors’ who claimed that they witnessed dozens of COVID deaths per shift were not even real people:

If you were on Twitter back when the COVID “fear mongering” was at its peak, you’ll likely remember the “Twitter doctors” who popped up, seemingly out of thin air, claiming they were losing hordes of patients to COVID every single day.

These so-called “doctors” whipped everyone into a fear frenzy. Their tweets would get tens of thousands of retweets and engagement daily.

The “doctors” posed as ER physicians and were part of the LGBTQ community in some way. They created this hellish/apocalyptic scenario that made it sound as if bodies were piling up in the streets.

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