It is said that you have to offer something delicious to your opponent to set up the trap and the same trap was used by the Derbyshire police to catch the criminals.  Police caught 19 criminal by offering a crate of beer to each of them.

These cops were undercover that time and to take advantage of it; they spread this news of winning a crate full of beer. They also informed that an individual has to contact the company and that was the time when a rat entered the trap seeing the cheese.

Nineteen of criminals were called that contact, and they all set up a place to collect their winnings in the form of a crate of beer. After reaching the spot, there was no crate or any offer; there were police officers all over waiting to catch these bad fellas.

These fells deserve being in the list of world’s dumbest criminals who easily got into the trap and were arrested because of their foolish brains and succeeded the sting operation named as Rocky.

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