A criminal’s main aim is to find the perfect spot in which he can execute his robbery planning and the same this dumbest criminal did. Instead of finding the right house to rob, this man invaded a house full of cops, and that’s how he handed over himself to the police without any trouble.

The man named Darren Kimpton that was from Abington, Northampton entered the house at night that was already burgled earlier that night. So, there were police officers for investigation purposes, and at the same time Kimpton broke in.

Of course, he tried to run immediately, but it was not that easy, and he was caught at the spot. The burglary was unsuccessful, and from that time he comes as one of the world’s dumbest criminals.

Before entering the police house, he tried to invade another house but unsuccessfully and left marks of his blood on the window. So, the cops easily linked him to that case too, and now you can imagine the face of this dumbest criminal at the time of catching up by the cops.

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