(Natural News) The long-awaited bombshell “Propaganda Exposed” docu-series launches tomorrow at TheTruthAboutCancer.us. Featuring interviews with 30+ top truth-tellers, whistleblowers and pro-freedom analysts, the series blows the lid on how government and corporate media use lies, disinformation and propaganda to terrorize humanity and enslave the world.

But humanity is awakening. The uprising has begun. People are getting red-pilled all across the world, and the establishment is panicked.

This docu-series (which can be watched in full at no charge) covers all the big topics, from finance and the Federal Reserve money printing machine to vaccines, fake “plandemics,” censorship, false flags and much more. Some of the top people interviewed include Dr. Judy Mikovitz, RFK, Jr., Del Bigtree, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Mikki Willis, Dr. Edward Group, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, David Wolfe and many more.

It’s not just about vaccines and the plandemic, either: It’s about the global perspective of how governments and institutions use deception and lies to enslave the world and deny humanity its rightful abundance, wealth and joy.

I just posted a new interview with the creators of the series, Ty and Charlene Bollinger. You can watch that full interview here, via Brighteon.com.

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