Contrary to popular belief, if Jesus walked into a church, I doubt that we would applaud His presence.Although that’s not a bad thing, you would probably find yourself in the same position as Isaiah: “Woe is me, for I am undone!”

Our posture would be of complete unworthiness. We would no doubt hit the floor because of adoration and holy fear: “The brightness is blinding; the sound is deafening; the purity is devastating. The lights have been turned on with blazing intensity, and we stand trembling, naked, unclean, and ashamed.” (Dr. Michael L. Brown).

Isaiah saw the King … the Lord of hosts. The word “hosts”means the “God of the armies of heaven.” What an awesome spiritual experience and perspective. What army can defeat the armies of heaven? What demon can overpower God’s generals? Nothing can defeat God. He is God of the armies of heaven.

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