An Australian man said that he began dating a sex doll named Karina after his fiancee left him. @karina_luvly/Instagram

After a devastating breakup and years without physical intimacy, Rod* made the bold move to purchase a $2064 sex doll named Karina.

The Aussie carpenter from rural New South Wales had been left “frozen” in a state of loneliness in 2021 when he ordered Karina online after searching for sexual stimulation tools.

Despite having zero knowledge about sex dolls, the 54-year-old said Karina “changed his life in many ways” and finally gave him something to care for.

“The doll became by synthetic physical companion,” Rod told Mamamia.

“Slowly my heart opened up, and I was distracted from my grief of losing my ex [fiance] that just wouldn’t go away by itself.”

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