(Natural News) Everyone who can think independently and look at evidence knows that the Dinesh D’Souza-produced documentary “2,000 Mules” proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection was stolen from him.

As Revolver News reported on Nov. 4, 2020, in the early morning hours after Election Day, Trump was up by substantial numbers of votes in the battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, all states he won four years earlier, only to ‘lose’ them by the end of the week after Democrats flooded deep-blue districts (like Philadelphia and Detroit, where Democrats own the political machines) with phony ballots.

Pennsylvania, in particular, is a hot mess. There, Trump was up by a walloping 700,000 votes on the night of Nov. 3, but wound up ‘losing’ to Joe Biden by thousands of votes four days later, because it took ‘so long to count’ the ballots. In actuality, readers may recall that Democratic strongholds in battleground states, including Pennsylvania and Michigan, shut down counting in the early morning hours, pledging to resume operations the next morning. That was unprecedented.

Worse, the report noted, many of the changes in election procedures were implemented by judges and secretaries of state and were in direct violation of existing state laws regarding the governing and handling of elections passed by the legislatures. Only, none of that mattered because not a single federal court or the U.S. Supreme Court would hear lawsuits brought by Trump’s campaign alleging that the changes made in the months and weeks before the election were illegal.

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