We don’t often realize just how many of our problematic spiritual symptoms stem from a root of sloth. When we neglect our duty to worship and serve God rightly in the avenues he intends us to, it leads to the symptoms described above, and potentially many others as well.

When I stress out over all the things happening in the world that I can’t really change, it’s usually because I’m being negligent in the things I can change, like prayer or having conversations with my friends and neighbors.

When I struggle with pet sins like gluttony or losing my temper, it’s most often when I’ve been slothful about maintaining good rhythms of rest and worship.

When I feel myself wanting to do nothing but complain about my job, it’s because I forget that I have a God-given duty to do all things with excellence and faithfulness as a representative of Christ wherever I’m at.

When we focus our attention on the goodness of work, on the value of diligence, and on gratitude for our Creator who calls us to bear his image in our labors and relationships, we can ward off the attacks of the “noonday demon” and pursue a life of virtuous obedience to the glory of God.

Do battle with sloth. Your spiritual life just might be depending on it right now.

See you down the path.

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