The first step in dealing with a narcissistic mother is to learn about the nature of narcissism and the origins of narcissism. More specifically, this means educating oneself on narcissistic injury and its impact on emotional development.

Education will equip a person to deal with a narcissistic mother, but more than education is needed.

Narcissistic mothers often act in such a way as to leave the child, or adult offspring, feeling powerless, and not knowing how to respond. Narcissistic mothers often offer mixed messages in their words and actions, this can be very confusing at best. It often feels like there is no satisfying way of responding.

The mixed messages can be very confusing and often upsetting. This toxic form of communication often creates damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t scenarios. One often feels completely disrespected and invalidated and it’s tempting to respond within invalidating responses. One must resist such an urge, keeping in mind that the narcissistic mother is likely the victim of narcissistic mothering.

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