(NEWSER) – Guards usually don’t have to watch for people breaking into a jail, so it’s maybe only a little surprising that they didn’t notice the man climbing over two fences then scrambling up to a second floor door. An alarm went off in the Maple Street Correctional Center in Redwood City, CA, and a correctional officer went to check it out, SFGate reports. The source of the ruckus was Moises Dona Robles, 35, who was more than a little confused and under the influence of meth and alcohol.

He was sitting in a lobby inside the facility. The officer who saw him did a double take—Robles was wearing street clothes in an area reserved for inmates. Robles told police he was fleeing a man with a gun, the San Mateo Daily Journal reports. He admitted to being under the influence, and also had other peoples’ credit cards with him. He pleaded not guilty to some misdemeanor charges on Wednesday. It’s not the first time someone has made an arrest incredibly convenient for police. In 2014, a man broke into a police station in Vermont, and a woman in Pittsburgh trying to steal a car chose a cop car with the cops still in it in. (Read more dumb criminals stories.)

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