A 34 year old man of Chama District in Muchinga Province has been arrested for throwing his 2 year old daughter into a crocodile infested river after a marital dispute his wife over morning s3x.

Muchinga Province Senior Assistant Commissioner of police Munkhandya Buumba who confirmed the development identified the suspect as Daniel Kumwenda of Kapembe village in Chama District.

Ms. Buumba explains that brief facts are that following a marital dispute with his wife in the early hours of yesterday, the named man decided to throw his child in a nearby Lubumbu river which is highly infested with crocodiles after his wife left for her parents’ house which is a kilometer away.

When interogated by police, the man said he wanted early Saturday Morning s3x but his wife refused on grounds that she was attending. “That angered me and that was how I got my daughter from the bed she was sleeping from the mother and threw her into the river full of crocodiles”, he told police.

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