This weekend I heard a sermon that touched on a few of the biggest disasters throughout history, one of them being the sinking of the Titanic.

Of the 1,347 people who perished, something close to 90% were men who gave up their lives so women and children could live.

In another story, the sinking of a ship called “The Empress of Ireland” in 1914, there were 130 Salvation Army officers on board — some of them old women — who gave up their life preservers, even to strong men, saying, “I can die better than you can.”

What the pastor said made me think: If you were one of the survivors and someone gave his or her life up to save yours, wouldn’t it change the way you lived from that day forward?

Most of us would agree — Yes, definitely!

And yet Jesus gave up His life for us. We have all been on that sinking ship (and maybe still are), but Jesus gave us a life preserver — one he paid for with his life. We have been saved, ultimately, from the greatest disaster.

Has if profoundly changed the way we live? Are we living a true Christian life, or are we only walking with God when it’s convenient?

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