FEBRUARY 11–A Utah motorist with 11 fingers was arrested following a traffic stop Wednesday evening, according to a court filing.

The spare digit was not on one of Victor Chavez-Zuniga’s hands, but rather in the 27-year-old’s wallet, where it was “beginning to turn green and the fingernail appeared decayed.”

Chavez-Zuniga was driving about two miles from his residence in Orem, a city about 45 miles south of Salt Lake City, when a cop pulled him over around 10 PM for a broken headlight.

When a computer check turned up “several active warrants,” Chavez-Zuniga was handcuffed and placed in custody. Two of the warrants stemmed from Chavez-Zuniga’s failure to appear in court for a hearing related to a prior felony fraud conviction.

During a search of Chavez-Zuniga, police found the defendant’s wallet, which contained a “severed finger in a cloth wrap.” The finger, a probable cause affidavit states, had “what appeared to be puss and blood on it” and was “beginning to turn green and the fingernail appeared to be decayed.”

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