Deuteronomy 28:15-68 contains fifty-three verses listing generational curses. Here are just a few of the symptoms of curses listed there:
~ Poverty
~ Hereditary disease
~ Divorce
~ Child abuse
~ Sexual abuse
~ Domestic violence
~ Alcoholism
~ Drug addiction
~ Immorality
~ Adultery
~ Perversion
~ Depression
~ Confusion
~ Fear
~ Indecision
~ Panic attacks
~ Mental illness
~ Suicide
~ Destructive attitudes and behaviors

Each of these can be, but are not always, the result of a generational curse, and most have their root in idolatry and iniquity.

Many people, if not most, can identify some of these symptoms that have passed on from generation to generation. How about you? When you look at your family tree, do you see a pattern of any of these things?

Do you struggle with a particular sin and see a history of that sin in past generations? Maybe you’ve been told that the depression or fear you deal with runs in the family or perhaps you struggle with marital infidelity and can identify a pattern of affairs and divorce going back to a parent and grandparent. These could be symptoms of a generational curse.

The good news is that generational curses can be stopped today!

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