• Attraction to or attracting dangerous situations or people
  • Frequent illness or accidents
  • Estrangement from family, sibling issues, bitterness, unforgiveness
  • Anger towards opposite sex, anger towards self
  • Denial of the past, denial of pain, inability to cry, dissociation from emotions
  • Addictive behaviors, eating disorders, isolation, introversion, existential depression
  • Avoidance behavior, avoiding foods, places, activities, memories, situations or people
  • An exaggerated sense of responsibility for the underdog
  • Giving more than receiving, personal gains always followed by losses, over-functioning, overworking, under-rewarded
  • Unwanted supernatural or spirit presences, inexplicably sensitive, large antennas for sensing danger
  • Excessive introspection, thinking, contemplating, worrying, working to figure things out, survival strategies

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