Thank you Lord, for your redemptive power. I confess all of my sins and I ask for forgiveness. I release myself and my family from all connections that do not give life to me, but rather take it, in the name of Jesus. I loose myself and my family from any controlling people or controlling spirits in the name of Jesus. I bind, cast down and trample underfoot all mind control soul ties between myself and any victimizers, abusers, programmers, stalkers, swindlers, handlers, or other agents of the dark, known or unknown.

I bind, cast down and throw down the dark powers which work through … (mention the name of person) to harm me. I break their powers over my life, in the name of Jesus. I bind, root out and cast down all demonic authorities which motivated and controlled my relationship with… (mention the name of the person) and I break their authority and power over my affections, in the name of Jesus.

I break all soul ties binding me to any ungodly, untrue voice, report, news source, agenda, broadcast medium, political charade, celebrity decoy or culture creator in the name of Jesus. Let all evil affections directed towards me by evil forces be loosed in Jesus’ name, especially through… (mention the name of all suspected persons). I command all evil monitoring spirits, watchers and ‘remote controllers’ to loose their hold from my emotions, mind, will, and affections, in the name of Jesus.

From my place seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, above all powers, principalities, rulers and agents of darkness, I loose the hold of every bewitched relationship off of myself and my family, in the name of Jesus. I loose every strange authority from myself and my family in Jesus’ name. I loose myself and my family from all evil soul-ties and affections, in the name of Jesus. I root out and destroy every desire and expectation of the enemy to engage me or my family in any ungodly conversation, act or relationship, in the name of Jesus. I break every ungodly covenant, oath, pact, agreement and contract made for me or by me, whether spoken, written or spiritual in the name of Jesus.

I break and renounce all ungodly, emotional or prideful soul-ties I have had or may have had with:

a. All Secret Societies or other Cults
b. My Parents, Siblings and Children
c. My Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins
d. My Pets, Other Animals or Token (Spirit) Animals
e. My Former Spouse, Lovers and Partners (Name ALL)
f. Any Political Organizations, Mega Charities, and Charitable Foundations
g. Favorite TV Shows/Movies, Worldly Music (including Unbiblical Christian songs), Sports Affiliations
h. Favorite Places, Land, Buildings, Homes, Parks, Cities
i. Favorite Books, Authors, Leaders, Icons, Singers, Stars, Prominent Figures
j. Scouts or Greek Organizations
k. Past or Current Therapists, Counselors, Psychologists, or Psychiatrists
l. Former or Current Doctors or Surgeons
m. Famous or High Ranking Family Members or Ancestors
n. Religious or Spiritual Leaders or Gurus
o. In-Laws or Former In-Laws
p. Local Preachers
q. Occult Practitioners
r. New Age Experiences
s. Fantasy, Memories, Emotional Escape, Nostalgia
t. Sexual Partners in Dreams, Strange Visitations and Strange Spouses in Dreams
u. Anything Other You Need to Break

Father God, I yield to YOU ONLY as Lord over my soul — my mind, my will and my emotions, from this day forward in Jesus’ name. I claim full deliverance from all ungodly soul ties, in the name of Jesus.

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