Neocons Never Die

by Chris Black

Bernard Henri-Levi, a prominent “invade the world, invite the world” Jewish neocon, is now proclaiming that Alexander Dugin (!) is responsible for Western Europe trading with China and choosing to stay out of the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

How many non-governmental organizations seeking to meddle and ruin Europe do China and Russia sponsor in France and Germany vs Brussels and America?

Natives are a minority in Paris, London, Frankfurt and more to come. Levi and the Jewish power he represents supported and even enabled this unwanted transformation every step of the way.

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New York state judge strikes down Governor Hochul mask mandate

LONG ISLAND — New York state residents are breathing a little easier today after the judiciary affirmed the legislature make laws, not the executive branch of government.

New York Supreme Court Justice Thomas Rademaker struck down the statewide mask mandate yesterday. Note that the “Supreme Court” in New York is a trial court. The New York Court of Appeals is the state’s highest court. Judge Rademaker cited Executive Law § 29-A, which the Democrat-led State Assembly and State Senate amended last March to strip then-Governor Andrew Cuomo of any further unilateral emergency powers. The law applies to all subsequent governors as well.

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INSANE! Watch Trudeau Squirm Like A Worm When Asked How Much Money Has Your Family Received From Canadian Charities

I know it is older, but this shows you the satanic LYING MINION CANADA IS DEALING WITH!!!

Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre grills Justin Trudeau on how much his family has received from the Charity while he testifies. WATCH HIM SQUIRM LIKE A WORM….LOL

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‘NOBODY BELIEVES YOU’: Poilievre grills Trudeau as he testifies over CHARITY controversy!! Gets real good around the 1:00 minute mark!!

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Vermont governor says he’s a “no” on new gun control bill

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott may be a Republican, but like other fellow blue-state GOP governors, his support for the Second Amendment has been hit-or-miss since he took office back in 2017. His biggest miss came in 2018, when he signed a rash of gun control measures into law, including a ban on gun sales to those under the age of 21, a ban on bump stocks, and a universal background check requirement.

But Scott hasn’t signed every gun control bill that’s been approved by the Democrat-controlled state legislature. In 2019, Scott vetoed a bill that would have imposed a 24-hour waiting period between purchasing a gun and being able to take possession of it, though he touted the state’s “red flag” gun seizure law as one reason why he felt waiting periods weren’t needed.

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