Stage three is when strong enough demons are encountered that are not leaving automatically and must be driven out. Even after a demon’s legal grounds have been removed, they often do not leave on their own. Some of the lesser demons may, but it’s not that common for a stronger demon to pack up and leave on it’s own. This is why Jesus made it clear that there is a need for the deliverance ministry (Mark 16:17). If demons automatically left a person when they accepted Jesus, then why did Jesus tell us to cast out demons? The solution to demonic bondages would instead be just to accept Jesus and the demons automatically leave. The problem is, it doesn’t work like that in real life, and that’s why we there are times when it’s necessary to drive out demons. Jesus referred to the casting out of demons as children’s bread, which means it’s not even for un-believers, but for us believers.

Prayer and fasting: Some demons are so strong that not only is it necessary to cast them out, but a higher then usual level of faith, which is only obtained through prayer and fasting, is required when getting them out. After the disciples tried to cast out a stronger demon(s) and were unsuccessful, Jesus told them that there are some demons that will come out by nothing by prayer and fasting (which builds one’s faith to the high levels that is required when casting some demons out). Mark 9:29, “And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.”

Understand your authority: As children of God, we are given authority over all powers of the enemy. Some people wonder why the demons seem to ignore them, sometimes it’s because that person doesn’t have enough faith in their authority and the demon is strong enough to resist what little authority that person is exercising. The more faith in your authority you have, the more of your authority you will be able to use. It is therefore important to understand and stand firm on the authority that God has given you.

Binding and loosing: Binding is like spiritual handcuffing. It’s temporary and it’s very useful when a demon starts manifesting and you aren’t ready to actually cast it out (let’s say you are winding down a deliverance session and you need your sleep, and the demon(s) begin to manifest and raise their ugly heads). Or perhaps, the demon is interfering with the deliverance and it needs to be bound. Another good use of binding, is to bind the evil spirits that are preventing a person from accepting Jesus.

Loosing is when a captive is loosed from something. For example, in Luke 13:12, Jesus loosed the women who was bound by Satan and had the issue of blood for 18 years.

Identifying the demon by it’s name: If you are privileged to know the name of the demon(s) you are facing, it is very helpful to cast it out by it’s name. For example, “Spirit of lust, come out in the name of Jesus!” If somebody yells out “Hey you!” in a crowd, would you respond? Likely you wouldn’t even pay attention to them. But if they yelled “Hey Bob!” (providing that was your name), they would have your attention in no time. Same is true when dealing with demons, which is why it is so helpful to know their name when dealing with them.

Casting it out: Contrary to what many may think, there’s nothing magical about this step. It’s a matter of standing on your authority and commanding the evil spirit (by name if possible) to leave in the name of Jesus.

Demon groupings: Often, demons will group, and there will be a strong man. The strong man could be hate, while the lesser demons could consist of anger, bitterness, jealousy, envy, etc. Sometimes it is better to cast out the strong man first, and therefore the lesser demons give you little or no hassle in wanting to leave, while other times it is better to get rid of the lesser demons first, and therefore the leader can no longer draw power from them and it makes it easier for the leader to be cast out. This is a more complicated area of deliverance, and is best led by the Holy Spirit. Always pray and ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance whenever attempting a deliverance.

Recommended reading: Free in Christ by Pablo Bottari is an anointed book on deliverance by a Spirit filled minister who is well versed in this ministry; his book will build you up and educated you on how to go about a deliverance – VERY uplifting book! They Shall Expel Demons by Derek Prince is another dynamic book on the casting out of demons. The Believer’s Authority by Kenneth E. Hagin is a great book on our authority over the devil as believers. Other great books on deliverance include Unbound by Neal Lozano, Demons & Deliverance by H. A. Maxwell Whyte, and Pigs in the Parlor by Frank & Ida Mae Hammond

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