If you see God has a taskmaster, you will act like He’s one, and you will hurt the intimacy that God wants to have with you. You will put up a wall between yourself and God when you don’t see Him as a loving God. Is there one person in your life that you know loves you to pieces? Maybe it’s your spouse, parent, friend or even your pet. You can feel that person’s love, and have a very special relationship with that person (or pet). Now think if you saw that person as a cruel taskmaster with a cold personality? Even though it’s not true, it would kill your relationship, wouldn’t it? Think how God feels when you see Him as a cold and cruel taskmaster? It kills the relationship that He gave His son so that you could have with Him! Why did He give His son? So that we could be reconciled with Him, like it was before Adam sinned! Our relationship with God means so much to Him, that He gave His son so it could be restored!

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