No matter your background, generational curses can be broken. But it’s not easy. If you have a generational curse in your life and want to break it, here are some steps that may help:

  • Start with repentance – First and foremost, you must repent of the sin that created the curse in the first place. When we sin against others or ourselves, God promises us separation from Him (Isaiah 59:2). When we don’t repent at all or persist in our sins after having been convicted by His Spirit (Zechariah 7:11), He will leave us alone (Hosea 4:16).
  • Get rid of idols – You might be surprised to learn that idols are not just statues made out of wood or stone; they’re also people who have an idolatrous hold on our hearts—people who take priority over God Himself! The Bible says that when someone becomes an idol in your life, they become like a god before whom you bow down and worship (Exodus 20:3–5). If this is happening in your life right now, seek immediate help from one or more Christian friends who love you enough to tell you what needs saying. Pray together regularly so that they can lead you into freedom as they help free themselves from their own idols as well!

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