Guilt and shame have their strongest grip when kept in the darkness of a person’s soul, and when a person brings something out into the light, it brings light into the situation and things such as guilt and shame tend to lose their grip on that person. That is why the enemy works so diligently to keep a person from opening up about their sexual failures and struggles.

Embarrassment is simply a tool used by the enemy (who works through his army of unclean spirits – See “Our Direct Enemy“) to keep a person from opening up and seeking freedom from their struggle or past failure.

Don’t fool yourself, just as the enemy can work to tempt us, he can also work to keep us from admitting our faults by making us feel embarrassed over what we’ve done. It’s merely Satan’s weapon of choice to keep our souls in darkness!

Let me ask you this, if you saw the same struggle that you’re facing, in another brother or sister in Christ, would you make a big deal about it? Providing of course, that they have either turned from it, or are trying very hard to turn from it? Would you beat them up as much as you beat up on yourself? My guess is that you would probably think nothing of it!

Behind many sexual related struggles and failures, lies unclean spirits. They often enter through sexual defilement, and it is not uncommon to find them behind many sexual struggles. However, before these unclean spirits can be cast out, the minister must first know about them. Many deliverances are either not complete, or have failed simply because the person hasn’t opened up with the minister about everything that needed to come fourth. This is why it is important to bring up such failures and struggles when going through a deliverance. Even if you have repented of those sins, there may be spirits lingering that must still be driven out.

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