The token that the pro-choice use, is that the fetus (unborn child) is not a person yet, but only a mass of tissue. (For that matter, many today also believe that we evolved from apes, and are nothing more than a mass of tissue ourselves!) If the fetus were simply a mass of tissue without a human spirit, then I think we could justify abortion. However, the fetus is not simply a mass of tissue, but rather a person to whom God is knitting together their physical body in the mother’s womb.

If the fetus was simply a useless mass of tissue, then abortion may be excusable.

But if the fetus happens to be a real person, who’s body is being knit together in it’s mother’s womb, then abortion is nothing less than murder of an innocent life. Just because somebody’s body is still being knit together, does not mean that they are not yet a human being. Children are not fully developed until age 18 or so, but we would never consider them any less than a human being!

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