Take time to ask the Lord about the root of your over-explaining. Then pray this prayer.

“Lord, Thank you for showing me the root of my wounding and coping strategy. I repent for partnering with a spirit of control and trying to control how others see me or my choices by over-explaining. I reject the lie that I can protect myself through this trauma response. You are my shield and buckler, the one who covers me. I trust you with my heart.

I choose to forgive and release (insert names) for writing this lie upon my heart.

I reject the lie (insert lie you believed) and choose to believe the truth that you are my protection, and with you, I am safe. You protect me and defend me. Lord, you are my fortress whom I trust. Rewire anything that needs to be rewired in me to align with you. Holy Spirit reparent and teach me healthy ways of coping with life’s hurts.

I invite you, Jesus, to minister to this wounded part of me, to speak the truth, and bring healing that only you can give.”

Take some time and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to that wounded part of you. Then praise and worship Him.

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