1. You’d rather give orders than receive. If you don’t do well following instructions, you might have a rebellious heart.
  2. You might have a rebellious heart if you see instructions, rules, or guidelines as restrictions on your creativity or style and would much rather make up your own rules.
  3. If you feel the urge to do the opposite of what you’ve been told or asked to do.
  4. You always want to stand out, for better or for worse. Blending in does not appeal to you. Instead, you focus on being different and doing things differently than what everyone else considers normal or accepted. You thrive on being the “weird one” in the group because it sets you apart from the “normal people.”
  5. Believe it’s better to ask forgiveness than to ask for permission. Rebels do what they want now and clean up afterward.
  6. You never seem to fit in. People with rebellious hearts seem to never click with a group. They’re usually the odd-man-out or stick out like a sore thumb and enjoy being the “misfit.” Many will refer to themselves as misfits or too weird for people. It comes back to the goal of being unique. There’s much more going on here, but rebellion is also at the root of this way of thinking.
  7. Rules are meant to be broken. Right? If you enjoy going against the grain and breaking established rules, you have rebellion in your heart.
  8. In children, rebellious hearts show up in obstinance. No amount of punishment or scolding decreases their behavior.
  9. You hate being restrained in any way.
  10. You dislike that people bow to authority so easily or accept the status quo without question.
  11. You radically accept yourself. You’ve said, “I am who I am.” People who want to be in a relationship with you have to deal with how you are or leave.
  12. Compromise is not in your vocabulary.
  13. Your presence is always a roar, and never a whisper.
  14. You live by your own set of rules.
  15. Apologize? Nope, not you!

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