What’s the difference between a reason and an excuse? Here are some examples.

EXCUSE. “I don’t have time” to exercise is an EXCUSE.

REASON. “I have a broken leg” is a REASON for not exercising.

EXCUSE. “I can’t afford to spend money on my health” (as the person drives through Starbucks, a fast food joint, goes on a shopping spree, etc.) is an EXCUSE.

REASON. “I don’t have a job right now, so I can’t afford that” is a REASON.

EXCUSE. “It’s too expensive” is an EXCUSE.

REASON. “I have self-doubt in my ability to follow through” is a REASON.

EXCUSE. “I don’t have time to take care of _______” is an EXCUSE.

REASON. “I’m not taking care of ______ because I am overextended/not managing my time well and need to adjust my commitments/priorities” is a REASON.

Reasons become excuses when they are used to avoid responsibility or to be accountable. It’s a heart issue and a character flaw.

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