Choosing not to forgive is, without a doubt, the number one way that gives the enemy the right to attack Christians. Many believe they can’t forgive for many reasons. So let’s cover what it is and what it isn’t.

Forgiving is NOT Forgetting! That old adage, “forgive and forget” IS NOT in the Bible. The Lord never said you have to forget, but He did say we are to forgive. It’s not even a suggestion. It’s a command as His children.

Even when we are genuinely wronged, God says we are to forgive. You may say or feel like you can never forgive, but you can. What we really mean when we say that is, “I don’t want to forgive them.” If it were impossible, God wouldn’t have commanded us to forgive.

Forgiveness IS NOT saying that what they did or what happened was ok. It wasn’t. Whatever happened to you, whatever was said, or however, someone or something made you feel is NOT OK.

In fact, “stuffing” it down is harmful. I used to be a “stuffer.” Stuffing helps you temporarily hide from it, but it creates so many more issues in personal freedom, your relationship with God, and others.

Forgiving someone IS NOT devoid of emotion. You may feel any number of emotions, such as anger. Anger is a feeling; it’s an emotion. It’s OK to feel the emotion and acknowledge it exists, we aren’t robots. But it’s NOT OK to stay there! Holding onto anger creates a bitter root and gives the enemy a stronghold in your life.

Forgiveness IS NOT a feeling. It’s a decision, a choice of your will (mind).

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