Use this prayer to be your guide to removing the chains of unforgiveness and bitterness. Remember, PRAY THIS OUT LOUD! The enemy cannot hear your thoughts, and there is power in the spoken word.

As you read through your list of names, be prepared for people to come to mind that you have blocked from your memory. Just say their name immediately before continuing with the rest of the list.

If the Lord brings a name or face to mind and you don’t know why. Write it down anyway. Holy Spirit knows things we don’t remember and event he things we would consider insignificant, but carry more weight than we understand. He will bring the reason as you move through the process. Trust Him!

Also, include yourself and God on the list. Most of us are harder on ourselves than anyone else could ever be. It’s time to forgive yourself and take back the ground the enemy stole!

Some people protest putting God on the list when I do ministry with them. While God is perfect, we can still hold anger toward Him for something that’s happened to us. You may not be angry NOW, but perhaps you were angry in the past. Let’s just close that door to the enemy in this prayer.

Read this prayer out loud before you get started moving through the freedom steps. 

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