Is there something you did in your past that still causes you to cringe, feel shame or guilt?

It’s the thing you’d rather not talk about it. Or maybe, you don’t want anyone to know.

And yet it comes up in your mind. Sometimes it keeps you awake at night.

Today you’re a new creation, but perhaps you still feel the residue of guilt lingering and can’t understand why.

Well, more people deal with the feeling of unresolved sin than you may think.

In my own life, when I used to think about the bad moves I made, the ones that troubled me the most, I found myself wanting to bury them. Hide them. It was better to push it from my mind, right? But there was still a feeling lingering; a feeling that something wasn’t resolved.

Deep down inside I wanted to be free of past mistakes. But how?

Bringing past sin to God—in confession—is a cleansing process. It helps us, by the grace of God, to have freedom from the past.

In a survey from Lifeway Research, 39% of the almost 3000 Christians polled say they confess daily; 27% said they confess several times per week. Keeping a clean slate is important and healthy in our walk with Christ and others.

But there’s something that happens when we take a deep-rooted misdeed that still conjures guilt or shame and bring that to the Lord; taking it out of the dark and into the light. For me, understanding God’s grace in such a personal way touched me forever.

Here’s how this could look for you:

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