WMGT-TV reports that 22-year old Gerald Perry got so rattled after illegally dumping trash in a grade school parking lot that he called 911 to report his crime.

Officers arrived to find Perry shaking and crying uncontrollably. They also found chairs, a ladder, yard debris and several bigger surprises: used condoms inside the torn belly of a stuffed bear, a bin of used cat litter, bloody diapers, insulin syringes, a Tums bottle holding what appeared to be Pepto-Bismol and an oil painting of a spider.

“Mostly it was wood, normal stuff,” arresting Officer Eli Johnson said. “But hidden inside the refuse were very puzzling items. We’re bringing in a contract cleanup crew to deal with it because of potential health hazards.”

Mr. Perry claims a voice told him to do it.

“This voice inside my head just said, ‘go dump this stuff in the school parking lot, Gerald.’ After I did it I kind of woke up astonished to what I had done and dialed 911 and told on myself. I then had a complete breakdown.”

Mr. Perry was booked into Macon County Jail on a felony illegal dumping charge (typically a misdemeanor) for dumping on a public school grounds.

“I hope they send me to prison for life,” Perry added.

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