June 30 (UPI) — A couple who recently relocated from Arizona to Louisiana got the “full Cajun experience” when their dog alerted them to an alligator inside their home.

Don and Jan Schultz, who recently moved into their New Iberia home, said they were awakened by their 7-year-old Australian cattle dog, Panda, growling.

“Our dog Panda growled a deep throat grumble and woke my wife up and she tapped me said I think there’s someone in the house and so I got up headed down the hall to check,” Don Schultz told KATC-TV. “I saw the shape of an alligator.”

The couple called 911, and Wildlife and Fisheries officers responded to their home.

“We are real grateful for the Sheriffs and Wildlife and Fisheries that came and so thoroughly dispatched the creature from our house,” Jan Schultz said. “I guess it’s off swimming in a bayou somewhere.”

The couple said the 5-foot gator apparently came in through Panda’s doggy door. They said they have now installed a new doggy door that only opens for Panda’s collar.

“It was quite an experience, we’re getting the full Cajun experience,” Dan Schultz said.


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