Perhaps you’re here because you’re at the end of your own proverbial rope.
Maybe adultery has touched your life in some way and you’re facing a huge mess now. If you’re the one who was unfaithful, this post is for you.

We can be at such a loss in trying to sort through all the hurt and destruction from our choices that it’s hard to know where to start.

How do you put your life back together, heal broken hearts (that you broke),
and find some semblance of self-respect, healing and peace again?

It’s a process, my friend.

But the first step is always repentance.
Repentance to God, and then your spouse.

You might think talking about God, repentance, or anything spiritual, is not relevant to an affair recovery website; or that affairs have nothing to do with God talk. I disagree. It has everything to do with God.

Because if we understood how our sins hurt us, and hurt God and our relationship with God and our eternity… we would want to repent of them and allow God’s love and forgiveness to bring healing.

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