I hope this new Infidelity Recovery series will help you find the hope & strength to flee your affair and pursue a life of honor and integrity.

PLEASE NOTE: The stories listed below are written by the women (and sometimes husbands) who were involved and only posted here with their permission. Their testimonies cannot be reprinted, redistributed or reproduced
without permission first from Debbie at http://www.AfterMyAffair.com

Although the stories are true, some specific identifying information
may have been changed to maintain their privacy.
The views and beliefs expressed in these testimonies reflect the unique experiences and opinions
of each person relating their own story.

I pray that those of you who have never been in this terrible trap will not judge these women, but will first, take a step back to try to understand the deception they were under and recognize that we are all vulnerable to it, so please lay down your stones of judgment and read with an open heart. There are no excuses or justifications for an affair, and you won’t find any here. But our hope is that we all recognize the dangers of adultery, and refuse to take its bait.

If you are a woman who had an affair, I hope you will recognize the urgent need to end it now and never go back into it. The devastation that infidelity brings will continue on the longer you remain in it. These women, and myself, were able to get free of ours, and you can too! True peace and restoration will only come from Jesus Christ and my prayer is that you will find His love as you repent from your affair and turn to Him completely.

*More stories will be added monthly. If you’d like to make a difference in others lives by sharing your story (anonymously of course); please reach out to Debbie – debbie@aftermyaffair.com with “I’d like to share my story” in the subject line. I would even consider testimonies from former betrayed husbands who want to help other men. I will get back to you as soon as possible with a list of criteria and questions.

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