I’ve seen many times, some preachers will seek to work people up into an emotional attitude, and then call them to faith in Christ by praying a ‘sinners prayer’.

Very often, that leads to a let down, because when the emotion runs out- they’re left with nothing… no real transformation into becoming a new creation in Christ because they based it on an emotion.

So keep in mind- repentance as defined in the Bible is not an emotion. It is a decision that doesn’t spring from the emotions,  it springs from the will.

If we can reach people’s will (or our own) and turn that will,  we’ll see permanent conversions.

Many so-called conversions in the church today are not permanent because they had never really changed their will. They had an emotional experience- they got excited.

Maybe they felt wonderful for a few weeks or months or even years, but in the end they don’t have what it takes to go through because their will was not touched.

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