Well I have been raised in church all my life at a pentecostal church. But I was a very rebellious teenager and wanted to do what I wanted to do. I put my parents through the mill. At the age of 16 I met this guy and got married at 17. It was 1996. It was a horrible experience. Before I got married I had a dream about a snake and it was about him. But I didn’t want to think about that. Well, needless to say I got married anyway and it was a living hell. He was on drugs and all his money went to that and mine went to finances. He was raised in church also but didn’t go, he was backslid too.

In 1997 of January we seperated and filed for divorce which was final in August. In July of 97 I lost my best friend to a car accident. After that i really went down hill. I blamed God for her death, she was backslid and was living in sin. The guy she was with was my ex best friend, she got mixed up in the wrong crowd. She used to be the best witness and she knew her Bible, I was always shy and wouldn’t witness but when I met her I started to come forth. But when she died I couldn’t take it. I don’t know if she made it to Heaven or not. Well for the rest of that year I partied and went with a lot of guys. I almost went to jail for vandalism, there was so many times I could have been killed.

In late 98 I got back in church and rededicated my life. In the beginning of 99 I met this wonderful guy at a sing whom he played the guitar for. At the end of the service they had an altar call, but it wasn’t for sinners it was like for getting a touch from God. So I went up there and the leader of the group prayed for me he said, ” Shannon, I don’t know you only by name but I see this book and it opened and the pages are torn and ragged, and then I see a hand and the hand reaches out and throws the book away, then I see a new book and the pages are brand new and only a few are written on.” That was Gods way of saying I’m giving you a brand new start for your life. Well me and that guy are married now, he still plays for that group and are active in our church and have a 2 month old little girl. I never knew how much I could love someone until I had her. And now I realize how my mom felt all those years I rebelled. I thank God that I am alive today b/c I could be in hell today had it not been for his grace and mercy. Sometimes the devil tries to remind me of my past but I’m reminded of the verse in Philippians 3:13 Brethren, I count not myself to be apprehened: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, And reaching forth unto those things which are before. When we fall we need toget back up and start over again you can make it all the way with the Lord.

I hope my testimony helps someone. Love in Christ.



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