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Justin Trudeau came out of hiding, and it seems he almost reveals a smug smile as he resorts to the hackneyed “trust the science” bromide in the following recent video. Both he, and his opposition leader, Candice Bergen, claim to be following the science and yet both advocates completely different policies based on different conclusions. [Double click on hyperlink below]:

The irony here is that puppeteers across the mainstream media, along and various authority figures, have been admonishing the masses to “trust the science” even as they often distort the science (as Ryan Cristian has so often pointed out in his truly important podcasts at: TheLastAmericanVagabond.Com). Note: Ryan’s indefatigable work along with his razor-sharp mind has been exposing many, many distortions of this pandemic scam for a very long time. He deserves the Person of the Year award.

What is particularly disturbing is that while Prime Minister Trudeau was on the lam, his friend and World Economic Forum WEF pal Mark Carney declared in an editorial letter there in Ottawa, that all people who have sent money to the truckers are supporting insurrection and they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. See Tucker Carlson video explaining: [double click]:

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