Jeremiah 30 17-19

Father You are restoring me to health.
You are healing me of my wounds.
You said in Your Word,
‘Because they have called me an outcast, saying:
“It is the remnant; the deserted, no one cares for her.”’
Thus Abba, You promised to Your people, Your remnant
That You would restore the fortunes of the tents of Your people
And have compassion on our dwelling places.
You said that the strongholds of Your people would be rebuilt on top of our past ruin,
And Father that I, Your temple, might stand on my rightful place if I follow You.
And therefore, from my lips proceed always thanksgiving to YOU.
I join my voice with those who celebrate,
As You are multiplying me and I will not be diminished!
You are also honoring me and I will never again be seen as insignificant!
In Jesus’ name I pray Amen!

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