The World Health Organization (WHO), announced its Global Digital Health Certification network (vaccine passports) that it claims will protect citizens across the globe from on-going and future health threats. In other words, people will be required to use vaccine passports for travel and “anti-vaxxers” (or any enemy of the state) will be denied entry entry to countries that have handed their border control over to the WHO. In addition, the WHO will keep patient health records on file. Vaccine passports have been used to track and control people, not protect them.

Summary by JW Williams

Jimmy Dore said that last year the US signed on to the UN World Health Organization’s ‘Pandemic Treaty” that “obliges” our country to follow the UN’s instructions on introducing vaccine passports, border closures and quarantine measures. However, the treaty isn’t finalized yet. It is still at the drafting stage and won’t be “submitted for consideration” until May 2024. If the treaty goes into effect, it will technically be legally binding, but the WHO doesn’t have the power to penalize countries that disobey. 

According to Zeitpunkt, in March 2022, “negotiations on an international agreement to prevent and combat pandemics will begin in Geneva. The agreement is based on Article 19 of the WHO Constitution, which allows the WHO General Assembly to adopt binding agreements for all Member States by a two-thirds majority. The article has only been applied once in its 74-year history.

Behind the agreement are the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and US billionaire Marcel Arsenault.”

The drive for vaccine passports is not coming from the pubic, but from organizations like the Better Identity Coalition that has ties to US and Israeli intelligence, banks and corporations.

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