A soul tie is a spiritual phenomena that happens when your soul (your mind, will, and emotions) become linked to another person. Some soul ties are good. For example:

  • The loving bond between a godly parent and a child is a holy soul tie. God designed the family so that mothers and fathers and children would be connected to each other in love.
  • Another holy soul tie is the relationship between a husband and his wife–one man and one woman, bound together in holy matrimony. When a man and a woman get married, the Bible says that God has joined them together. The two become one flesh, and they are simply two halves of one whole. Husband and wife become one.
  • Another example of a godly soul tie could be a godly relationship between a parishioner and his or her pastor. The parishioner can love, honor, and serve the pastor as his/her spiritual leader (always making sure that everything lines up with God’s Word first, of course).

In that situation, with the pastor and his/her sheep, the parishioner can have a real fondness or even brotherly love for the pastor, and the pastor appreciates the parishioner and has a fatherly love for that person. That kind of relationship is a good thing. God’s Word tells us to love and honor our pastors.

In all these situations, the bond that forms between the people in these holy relationships is a godly thing. It edifies, encourages, and lifts up both people who have the connection with one another.

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