And what started off badly–the relationship–doesn’t get any better just because a bond forms.

For example, let’s say you dated someone who abused you. You really loved them, but they weren’t willing to change, so you found the courage to end the relationship. You try to move on, but you just can’t get that person out of your mind.

Or maybe …

You used to be married, but your spouse cheated on you and left years ago. You’ve forgiven them, and you really meant it when you did. You don’t harbor any animosity toward your ex. However, you still can’t stop thinking about them. You haven’t been able to get free from the memories of what they did, even though you’ve tried.

Or maybe …

You used to be bullied a lot when you were growing up. In the adult world, people no longer bully you; but you still catch yourself shying away from people, thinking that they will. You feel like the bullying happened just yesterday, even though it was years ago. And like the situation above, you may have even forgiven them–but you still suffer from the damage inflicted on you.

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