I’m not in any way excusing infidelity- so for those of you reading this who would like to leave a comment accusing me
of blame shifting, or accuse me of making excuses for the unfaithful, I’m certainly not.

God knows my heart so lay your stones down- because the world doesn’t need more pious religious (or not religious) people
who only want to accuse others without examining their own hearts.

I imagine some people may have even thought Jesus was making excuses for her sin, or shifting the blame.  Of course He wasn’t.

I am standing behind the love of Jesus. The love that saved a woman’s life that day- and likely saved more than just her life.

I stand behind HIS love for you, and His offer to forgive you, because ultimately that’s what matters most-
His forgiveness for you.

Will that lessen your consequences?  No.

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