Think all men really want in a relationship is good sex, a cold beer and time to hang out with their guy pals? Think again. We’d polled a large group of guys from all over the country, all different ages, and backgrounds, and here are the top seven things they really want in a relationship.

1. They want to be admired, looked up to, and noticed

Even that guy who doesn’t seem to have any emotions whatsoever has a need to hear that you think he’s the best thing that ever walked this earth.  He may not voice it, but hearing your words of admiration is important for him.

So be generous with your compliments.

When he has fixed the garbage disposal, tell him you so appreciate having an in-home repairman. When he gets a promotion at work, tell him you are so glad others see how amazingly talented he is.

You don’t even need a special event to look him in the eyes and tell him how lucky you are that he chose you.  Sometimes spontaneous admiration is the best kind.

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