[Please leave out what does not apply.  As an example, someone raped, but not by a family member, can omit forgiving the sin of incest.  However if the rapist had already committed the sin of incest that spirit may also have been transferred.  The spirit of Baphomet will almost certainly have been transferred from a perpetrator of rape or sexual abuse. Transference of sexual demons can also take place in consenting sex.  If your marriage partner has been infected through previous partners then those demons will attempt to transfer even within godly marriage.]

I forgive ______________________ the Abuser/Rapist for what they have done to me.  I release them into the freedom of my forgiveness.  I forgive the sin of rape and abuse and incest.

Father, I ask you to lift the shock and trauma of this act of violence from off my spirit and my emotions.

Father, I ask you to sever the ungodly one-flesh tie formed through this violation of my will, in the name of Jesus.

[For those still married to the person who raped them, please note it is the ungodly aspect of the tie you are asking God to break.]

I ask you to lift off every thing of the perpetrator’s spirit and soul that has touched me and does not belong to me.  Please cleanse me of all defilement in the name of Jesus.

I now break the image of the perpetrator’s personality that has imprinted me.  I break it in the name of Jesus.  I break every uncleanness and every unclean desire.

I rebuke the spirit of rape and command that spirit to leave in the name of Jesus I rebuke every spirit of the Baphomet, lust, misogyny and perversion and command it to leave in the name of Jesus.

Heavenly Father, I ask that the Holy Ghost will now come and lift off all the pain and trauma and bring a complete healing in the name of Jesus.

Thank you for delivering me.


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