• adultery
  • incest, molestation
  • viewing, sharing, making or selling pornography
  • divination, fortune telling, prediction, intuitive reading
  • visiting counterfeit holy people: false prophets, psychics, tarot, energy or shamanic healers, root workers, astrologers etc.
  • sorcery / meditations / chants / spiritual methods or tools (crystals, incense, prayer wheel etc.)
  • cultism (fandom – ex: celebrity, Disney, music, sports; cultural cultism – fashion, trends, movements; family or religious cults; cult of intellectualism; collector of paraphernalia; etc.)
  • idolatry of relationship, romance, lust, sex, physique, status
  • seeking high emotional states, trance, music-induced escape, drug escape, chasing bliss, ecstatic worship or spiritual experiences
  • desire for priestly self concept; desire to be adored, idolized & highly regarded; addicted to the power of one’s own charisma
  • affections for specific objects, places, substances, rituals; tendency for nostalgia
  • returning to the profane things you have previously walked away from
  • dabbling in secret shame; concupiscence (pursuit of what is scandalous or prohibited)
  • pronouncing oaths of loyalty & paying membership dues to churches, organizations, brotherhoods, fraternities, sororities or societies

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