The following symptoms signal a need for deliverance from ungodly soul ties. The more symptoms you have, the more urgent the need.

If you have any of these, please seek deliverance ministry in addition to praying this prayer.

An ungodly soul tie(s) will lead to things like…

  • …increased suffering, nostalgia, daydreaming, fantasizing, struggle, or doubt,
  • …new or increased problems and division/coldness in your marriage,
  • …losing touch with your children,
  • …if unmarried, extended periods of singleness
  • …feelings of great spiritual love coupled with increasing lust, unbiblical spiritual practices, and other sin,
  • …being led by serendipity and the magical, not the Word of God,
  • …getting more and more deeply drawn into “love and light” spiritism, yoga, meditation or other spiritual practice
  • …divining spiritual information through psychics, astrologers, tarot readers, etc.
  • …living more and more isolated or having a secret life,
  • …committing adultery, watching pornography and/or having abortion,
  • …experiencing very vivid but strange dreams or visions,
  • …feeling movements, vibrations or sensations in the body from unseen cause,
  • …feeling unable or unwilling to disconnect from an object of affection, whether it be a co-worker, boss, mate, friend, psychologist, high status person or family member,
  • …can’t move forward in the respectable ways you had hoped, but instead descend into secret diversions and immoral plans that are spiritually or emotionally defended
  • …feeling, hearing or seeing strange presences around you,
  • …feeling uncommonly strong sexual urges, feeling sexual spirits or having sexual dreams,
  • …strange bouts of anger or rage that come at unpredictable times, but think of self as loving
  • …acting out in adolescent, jealous, desperate, or obsessive ways or turning completely cold and unfeeling,
  • …shameful demotions or sudden unwanted changes of job, place/city of residence, habits
  • …dedicated to loving the object of affection “unconditionally” despite their poor treatment, disrespect, rejection, their lack of care for your children, their being married to someone else, their lack of self respect, their lack of good morals, ethics and character, etc.
  • …being drawn away from your faith in the true Jesus Christ
  • …feeling indifference or disgust towards reading/believing the bible (a person in a soul tie can still act religious or highly spiritual)
  • …hearing unbiblical “instructions from God” that reinforce the isolation

Even if you have ALL of these symptoms above, you can be FULLY delivered from all of them as a born again believer in Jesus Christ.

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