1. Cold Towards You

It is not difficult to tell if someone is cold towards you. Their mood shifts to the negative whenever you arrive. They seem irritable and unnaturally silent when you are around. And if you try to talk to them, you can tell through their eyes that they are not happy to see you.

2. Uses a Different Tone When Talking to You

And whenever that person talks to you, the indifference in their tone is noticeable. It is often flat, without any trace of excitement. Yet, strangely, they do not sound like that when talking to other people.

3. Does Not Include You in Group Bonding

Have you observed that this person often asks your colleagues to hang out but never invites you? Sometimes, you get to join these get-togethers, thanks to someone else. But whenever you are around, you notice that this suspicious individual does not seem happy to see you.

4. Keeps Distance from You

How long have you been with this person in the same office or organization? In the period that you have been together when was the last time they sat or walked near you? If they always keep their distance, you can say they cannot stand your presence.

5. Does Not Greet You

If this person had never greeted you on your birthday when everyone did, you should wonder why. Worse, they never greet you in the office if your paths cross. Even if you initiate greeting them, they just give you a nod or a smile that is more like a smirk.

6. Caught Glaring at You

This is another clear sign that someone wants to destroy you. You accidentally catch the person staring coldly or angrily at you. And when your eyes meet, this person immediately looks away and pretends that nothing happened.

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