My wife went to a local egg supplier. She spoke with a staff member who is among the egg suppliers. Their hens haven’t been laying for months. Then she switched the feed and is now back to normal production.

This makes me optimistic-

Many people’s first thought is that hens aren’t laying because of winter or due to molting. But there is something else going on. For many, the egg laying problem began before winter, and yet with change of feed it’s resolved in the height of winter. Doesn’t sound seasonal.
Then there’s the “avian flu outbreak” they are using as cover to kill millions of chickens. They are using fraudulent pcr tests to determine presence of the flu. This is in addition to the outrageous price surges caused by fuel price increases.
The reason this makes me optimistic is because we have strong evidence that centralized suppliers are contaminating chicken feed supplies to vanquish domestic and commercial food production. This is nothing less than a deliberate act of war against civilians.
Many of us are already aware that the compromised regulatory apparatus and centralized corporations have been compromising food, water, air, “medicine,” and consumer products for years. This helps breed loyal, weak, and dependent consumers while growing profit margins.
Entire books have been written on the corporate and political scams that have robbed and sickened the world, but until recently this obvious reality was hiding in plain sight while the average consumer went on with their lives depending on “expert” advice.

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