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Critical thinkers know that “vaccine mandates” are illegal, particularly ones enacted by executive branches of government. We’ve all heard of the Nuremberg Codes and various court decisions affirming our rights to freedom and bodily autonomy. But it’s difficult for even the sharpest, wittiest person to rattle off those exact codes and statutes on the spot. That is until now.

Mr. Dee was a guest on The Joe Messina Show last April (starts at the 31:30 mark). He introduced the world to his website maskexemption.cards on that day. Mr. Dee, a self-described Christian, told The COVID Blog that he started brainstorming what he could do to help people as vaccine mandates and passports accelerated throughout 2021. We all know that mask and vaccine mandates are illegal. But there was no streamlined way to assert this truth. Mr. Dee studied state, federal and international law for several months. The result was a compact, wallet-sized card containing powerful information to assert your right to bodily autonomy.

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