(Natural News) French researchers are warning that covid “vaccine” spike proteins invade all major organs of the body and proceed to hyper-accelerate cellular aging, resulting in early death.

Citing a paper out of China, the researchers, who published their findings in the French newspaper France Soir, explained that biological aging goes into hyperdrive upon exposure to jab spike proteins, which shorten DNA sequences known as telomeres, which protect the ends of chromosomes.

In guinea pigs given mRNA injections, the animals’ endothelial function was impaired by spike protein exposure. In humans, the same outcome was observed when the experiment was replicated.

“The [Chinese research] team reproduced the in vitro experiment on healthy human endothelial cells: the spike protein thus bound to ACE2 receptors, damaging the cells’ mitochondria, causing micro-thrombosis and endotheliitis,” reads an English translation of the French article.

While the spike proteins used in the experiment did not come from one of the currently available covid injections, the team further wrote that there is no reason to believe that those from the shots behave any differently after being dispensed inside the body.

“If it is proven that SARS-CoV2 induces accelerated cellular aging, and that the [thing] responsible for this senescence is none other than the Spike protein, how can we be absolutely certain that the vaccines currently on the market, all based on Spike, do not also lead to the accelerated degradation of the cells of vaccinated persons?”

(Related: In 2021, Dr. Judy Mikovits said that she expects upwards of 50 million Americans will die from covid jab spike protein poisoning.)

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