(Natural News) Between February 2020 and the end of 2022, nearly 300,000 excess deaths occurred in the United States that cannot be attributed to covid, but rather to lockdowns and people being deprived of health care.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is working on a report to confirm the leading cause of non-covid excess death, which is sure to include data about surges in cancer, heart disease, drug overdoses, and firearms incidents – mostly tied to the lockdowns.

Dr. Coady Wing, a health policy expert at Indiana University Bloomington, says that people who needed care were prevented from getting it due to the lockdowns, which caused their existing health conditions to worsen and new health conditions to form.

Compared to Sweden, which famously opted out of implementing covid lockdowns, the United States saw a surge of disease and death caused not by covid but by other factors. Over the past three years, deaths overall are up 14 percent in America compared to previous years.

“It’s a hard question to decide how many lives were saved by the shutdowns themselves,” Wing told the DailyMail Online. “What we’re finding is that some of the things people did to avoid covid risk, one of those things was to cut down of regular health care utilization, and that had health consequences.”

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